Terms & Conditions

3Gi Health and Fitness is the operator of the sports facilities at The Clock Tower, Shaw Lodge Mills, Shaw Lane, Halifax HX3 9ET hereinafter referred to as variously the facilities, courts or the pitch.

The Hirer shall be the individual responsible for the payment of hire charges whether or not on behalf of a group or organisation and shall be responsible for acceptance of and adherence to the terms and conditions below.

The Facilities are divided into courts and ‘hire’ shall mean the rental of one or more courts by the hirer for periods not less than one hour. Each rental shall begin and end on either the half or full hour for instance 16.30 to 17.30 or 17.00 to 18.00

Bookings should normally be made at least 48 hours before the session. All booking time allocation is set via our staff and on-site clock.

  1. Under some circumstances telephone & personal caller bookings may be allowed with shorter notice. 

2. Hirer name, contact telephone number & email address is the minimum information required at the time of booking. 

3. The use of the appropriate enquiry/booking form on the web site is encouraged for regular or league booking. The web address is 3GiSoccer.co.uk

4. The named hirer is responsible for the behaviour of the players, for payment of all hire charges and any fines/penalties incurred. 

5. Payment is required at the time of arrival and before play. 

6. Payment can be made by cash, or by cheque in person.  (3Gi Health and Fitness reserve the right to demand a deposit from the hirer against the correct and proper use of the facilities and adherence to the terms and conditions, herein. Such deposit shall be forfeited if, in the opinion of the owners, the facilities have been; used for purposes other than those described by the hirer and permitted within the terms; left, by the hirer at the end of their hire period, in a condition other than fit for immediate use; the hirer has been in breach of the terms and conditions, herein)

 7. 3Gi Health and Fitness will not confirm a provisional booking without receipt of payment, where provisional bookings are not paid for, 3Gi Health and Fitness may also refuse to take future provisional bookings made without payment. 

8. For advance block bookings the fees may be paid at the time the Agreement is signed and not later than arrival for first period of hire. Cheques are payable to 3Gi Health and Fitness. 

9. 3Gi Health and Fitness may change the fees for the use of the facilities to take effect on 1st April or at any other time during the year. Any agreed fees with the Hirer, organisation or company will be reviewed annually by 3Gi Health and Fitness; 3Gi Health and Fitness will inform the hirer of any fees changes, for example, if the fees increases.  

10. Hirers are responsible for leaving the pitch in a neat & tidy state. 


11. 3Gi Health and Fitness reserves the right to cancel any booking at its discretion or amend the terms and conditions of hire at any time without prior notice. In the event of cancellation by 3Gi Health and Fitness due to, pitch conditions or any other reason 3Gi Health and Fitness will make every effort to contact the Hirer making the booking. It is the Hirers responsibility to inform its team/individuals and the opposition team. 

12. Sessions may be cancelled by the Hirer and a full refund given provided 3Gi Health and Fitness is notified 48 hours before the session, where less notice is given, the full booking fee will still be charged. 

13. Where the 3Gi Health and Fitness cancels bookings because the pitch is declared unfit/not available the session will be rearranged either during or at the end of the season (subject to availability) or a full refund will be given to the Hirer. 

14. 3Gi Health and Fitness reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking at their sole discretion. 3Gi Health and Fitness shall not be required to offer an explanation of their decision.

15. When 3Gi Health and Fitness consider a breach of the terms and conditions, herein, has been committed by the hirer, the owners reserve the right to revoke any existing agreement and refuse bookings from the hirer. (In the event of an alleged breach, the hirer shall have the right to appeal against the decision by making such appeal in writing to 3Gi Health and Fitness within seven days of the alleged breach of the agreement described by the terms and conditions for hire, herein. If in the event, such an appeal is rejected by 3Gi Health and Fitness, the hirer shall have the right to refer the dispute to independent arbitration at the hirers cost. 3Gi Health and Fitness undertake to give reasonable consideration to the conclusions of the arbiter without any undertaking to reverse their revocation.) 


16. The Hirer and players will be responsible for providing suitable personal injury insurance. 3Gi Health and Fitness will not be liable for any injury sustained by hirers whilst using 3Gi Health and Fitness facilities.

Use of Facilities

17. All Hirers must leave the pitches clear at the end of their session. 3Gi Health and Fitness may, at its discretion, charge a penalty fee of £5 for every 10 minute period that another Hirer is kept waiting for a pitch. 3Gi Health and Fitness reserves the right to allow extensions of time to cover the playing of extra time where appropriate. 

18. Hirers must only use the pitch allocated at the time of booking/on arrival. 3Gi Health and Fitness may charge Hirers a fee of £30 where they use pitches not allocated to them. 

19. In the event any equipment is not returned in good order and condition the owners reserve the right to retain the hirer’s deposit.

20. If a pitch is declared unfit by 3Gi Health and Fitness, all play is prohibited, any Hirers playing on a pitch declared unfit shall be in breach of these terms and conditions (see para 15), and shall be liable for the repair of any damage. 

21. Hirers must ensure that players do not disrupt or interfere with other matches, such behaviour may result in the cancellation/refusal of future bookings. 

22. Matches disrupted by other players will be re-arranged during or at the end of the season, where possible subject to availability. 

23. Hirers must ensure that players do not wear metal studs, blades or spikes on the pitches. 

24. Hirers must ensure that players must not bang footwear against any of the walls of the premises. 

25. Hirers must ensure that players must not wash their boots in the showers or sinks. 

26. Hirers must ensure that players do not put excrement on the inside of toilet doors or anywhere within the premises. 

27. The consumption of alcohol or any intoxicating substance, any substance prescribed by Law or likely to have an impact on behaviour is not allowed on the premises.

28. All rubbish must be placed in designated waste containers. 

29. Hirers will be charged for any additional cleaning required at a rate of £50 per hour and for damages or breakages caused during their use. 

30. All reports of defective equipment (including changing room facilities) must be reported upon discovery to the duty supervisor. 

31. Hirers must ensure that players do not cause disturbance, nuisance or annoyance to adjoining occupiers by creating excessive noise or behaving in an aggressive or violent manner. 

32. Hirers and players are responsible for their own belongings on the premises. 

33. All belongings are left at the owners’ risk.

34. All vehicles should be parked in the designated car park on site. Vehicles must not be parked where they would obstruct emergency vehicles.

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